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Space expedition.

They unlocked the door... Are you going to open it?

The ultimate boundary: space. Yuri Gagarin, John Glenn and Neil Armstrong crossed it, with their Soyuz, Mercury and Apollo. A rare experience that, so far, only nearly 500 men and women in the world have had. Soon, you will be among them. As you take your place as a co-pilot of the Lynx, a revolutionary spaceship. You will become a space traveller too…
Space expedition
Get ready for take-off

The Lynx provides room for a pilot and a co pilot astronaut. Within minutes, it can achieve an altitude of 100 km., scientifically recognized as the frontier of ‘space’. Passengers will have the unique experience of viewing the Earth while in a weightless condition. According to all of the astronauts that have previously witnessed this, it is nothing short of a “life-changing experience”. They testify that the Earth, with the atmosphere as a thin blue layer surrounding it, is particularly vulnerable and from an unparalleled beauty, seen from this perspective.

The full curves of the Earth are clearly visible from here. The overview stretches from Florida to Brazil, with the dazzling Caribbean as a centrepiece. From 100 km., the floating flight back to Earth begins. At an altitude of 30 km., the Lynx starts re-entering the atmosphere. It is approaching the runway like an airplane in its final glide, if necessary getting assistance from the unique capability to restart the rocket engines. That is the moment the pilots experience a curve acceleration of almost 4 - 4.5G’s, something that usually only fighter jet pilots experience. After about 30 - 40 minutes of gliding flight (often referred to as floating ‘on the wings of an angel’), the Lynx lands at Spaceport Curacao like a space shuttle. The entire flight will have taken almost an hour.

Space Ship, Space Tourism

Becoming part of world history.

Гагарин SXC takes it to the next level, going further, higher and faster. And you can experience all of this as a co-pilot, not just as a passenger. SXC is contributing to the development of outer space travel. It is not simply a joy ride! This is an opportunity to take part in international scientific research and have a unique experience at the same time. Your venture into space will certainly be a life-changing experience. Only few have gone before you. All of them have attempted to capture their experience in words. None of them really succeeded. It is too impressive, too moving: seeing Earth… from space.

Be that as it may, the scientists working on the SXC project prefer to involve ‘common people’ in their research from day one. They are convinced that travel through space will ultimately become the main means of long distance transport, providing many benefits. Although it takes a significant amount of energy to exit the atmosphere, travel after that is almost completely free. Therefore, it is faster, cleaner and quieter. It will be THE way to travel in the future.

That is also the main reason why KLM, the oldest worldwide airline carrier and pioneer in the field of air travel, actively takes part in this extraordinary enterprise. Today, this proud airline carrier is at the cradle of this form of space travel.

Without a doubt, this new way of space travel offers enormous potential for the future. Since there is practically no resistance outside the atmosphere, a spacecraft retains its speed without adding energy. Going at thousands of kilometres per hour, it revolves around the Earth. This is four to five times faster than the fastest conventional airplane. Do not hesitate, register with SXC and turn a great experience into an even greater memory.

Admiring Earth

The Earth is a precious thing. Admiring its beauty from space is a life-changing experience. Therefore, being a space travel pioneer, we are conscious of our responsibilities to the planet. As the world is getting smaller and humanity’s development is stretching the Earth’s resources both qualitatively and quantitatively, science is getting ready for the next step: into space. Space travel opens up new worlds for humanity, with regards to science, education, economic growth, sustainability and leisure.

Space Travel, Cosmos, Kosmos, Tourism Earth as only 500 people have seen her

Contrary to all other spacecrafts previously developed, including the Space Shuttle, the Lynx is equipped with a uniquely independent take-off and landing system whereby the Lynx rocket engines can be switched off or on at will. There are no disposable carrier rockets, carriers and landings at sea. The Lynx simply departs from the elongated track at Hato airport, Curacao, and lands there after its flight.

You will find yourself sitting next to the pilot, going over the take-off checklist. You are under the large canopy, offering a spectacularly wide view. No sitting by the window for you! The four rocket engines are started. Your space travel has begun.

You experience the powerful thrust that is so familiar to jet pilots and Formula 1 drivers. Before you know it, it is over and the Lynx is accelerating incredibly fast on the long track. Then you go up. Fast and steep. As you speed towards the sky, the enormous dome offers a spectacular view. Within one minute, you are breaking the sound barrier. Take-off alone is an extremely rare experience: the magnificent acceleration, caused by the four rocket engines, the view of the bright blue Caribbean bay, islands the size of the Netherlands becoming part of a miniature world...
Then, you reach Mach 3. A rarity that even most fighter pilots do not experience.

In no time, you are witnessing the vastness of the universe and its utter silence. The engines switch off, all you have to do is take in the view and the complete lack of sound. Look at the Earth from this distance, with its radiant blue colour, that no painter has ever succeeded to capture and no photograph from space can ever do justice. Bluer than blue, the Earth revolves beneath you. Continents, countries, seas pass by. You simply cannot stay in your seat, due to both excitement and absence of gravity. How many new impressions can a person handle in a short period of time? You are about to find out…

Remember, this is not just a joyride. It is now time for the experiment you were set out to do. Being a member of this expedition, you and the pilot are gathering information on space travel for scientific goals. No tourist traps, no annoying fellow passengers, no cameras flashing. Just you and the pilot, and the overwhelming view.

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It’s not a picknick

Project SXC is the most impressive adventure available in the realm of space travel. That is a fact.

And, it is not for everybody. The simple fact that only one passenger can board per flight, guarantees the uniqueness of the experience. Other than that, anyone that is at least 18 years of age and physically and mentally healthy, can travel to space with SXC. Obviously, a thorough preparation is required. It involves an examination of your medical condition during which blood pressure, vision, hearing and agility will be tested. Preparations further include rehearsal of procedures and an elaborate briefing on your specific mission and its scientific goals. So you will be as ready as you will ever be for a life-changing experience.

What are you waiting for?
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Training missions

In order to be completely prepared for your space travel, you can participate in a number of optional SXC Training Missions, in addition to the complimentary preparatory program.


A ride in the G-centrifuge serves to demonstrate elevated levels of G. And, more importantly, how to be ready for them. During the G-centrifuge Training Mission, you will take a seat in a small cockpit, which flies circles at the end of a long pole. You will experience elevated G-levels (up to 4.5G) and our professional instructors will teach you several simple techniques to deal with these G-levels. And enjoy them!

Flight in the L-39 Albatross

The L-39 Albatross Jet is a single engine, tandem seat jet trainer. This high performance jet is ideally suited to prepare for the spaceflight in the Lynx Mk II. You will fly in the backseat, behind our professional instructor pilot, getting used to flying in a high performance aircraft, wearing a helmet and even pulling some G’s. We simulate the most important phases of your spaceflight.

Altitude chamber

Get used to the environment of the Lynx Mk II and prepare for unexpected circumstances. In the altitude chamber, you will experience what the pressure at higher altitudes does to the human body. You will take a seat in a specially prepared tank, together with our professional instructors. You will fly to a simulated altitude of about 10 km., where you will experience several demonstrations of the high altitude environment. We will also simulate a rapid decompression.

Zero-G flight

Experience weightlessness during zero-G or parabolic flights, on an aircraft specially equipped to simulate zero-G. You will be weightless for about 50 seconds at a time, during special manoeuvres, called parabolas. These can be repeated 20-30 times per flight. During the short periods of weightlessness, you will experience the same as in space. You will also be able to float freely through the cabin and will be training to perform various tasks.

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What you see is what you get: Curacao, the Caribbean

Besides being the ideal strategic location, with a well-equipped infrastructure, the location of the SXC Spaceport is a sight in itself! The Caribbean offers magically blue waters and white sandy beaches, against a bright green backdrop. Seen from space, it is absolutely spectacular. Moreover, Curacao weather conditions guarantee perfect circumstances for every mission. Together with the many splendid hotels and accommodations the island has to offer, it makes for a perfect holiday spot.

For those travelling with you to Curacao, but not into space, the town of Willemstad, which is on the UNESCO world heritage list, the deep sea submarine, fine beaches and great diving are a Caribbean treat to make your stay unforgettable.

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VIP Services Space Travel

VIP Services Space Travel

Meet the SXC team

The initiators of SXC are experienced aerospace and business professionals, with a passion for space travel. They are dedicated to the development of space travel as a commercial means of transport and excited about participating in pioneering scientific research into space and space travel. Coming from different relevant backgrounds and having gathered many years of experience in leading roles, the men of SXC are very dependable and particularly well equipped for this ambitious space venture. In joining their forces, they have created a strong team with extensive knowledge of both aerospace and commerce. They are ready for space. Are you?

Ben Droste

Flown over 4.000 hours in different types of military aircrafts, of which almost 1.000 hours on the F-16. He was part of the Royal Netherlands Air Force from 1962 to 2000, when he retired as Commander in Chief. He has been involved as a Chairman of the Netherlands Agency for Aerospace Programmes, Dean and Professor of the Aerospace Faculty of the Technical University in Delft and ESA Advisory Board Member. Currently, Ben Droste is Chairman of the Fokker – van den Berch van Heemstede Aerospace Foundation and member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Netherlands Defence Academy.

Harry van Hulten

Completed his bachelor degree in Engineering at the Royal Military Academy in Breda. He rapidly gained a great amount of experience as a pilot, flying 42 different types of aircrafts, including various high performance fighters. He has flown over 3.000 hours, of which 2.600 in the F-16. Having completed the Euro NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training and the F-16 Weapons Instructor Course, he became an experimental test pilot at USAF Test Pilot School, a highly exclusive preparatory program for NASA pilot-astronauts.

Michiel Mol

Michiel Mol is one of Europe’s most successful e-businessmen of the past decade. Having graduated from Leiden University with a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics, he started his own company Lost Boys international (LBi). He is still the largest shareholder and member of the supervisory board at LBi. In addition, he founded Media Republic and Guerilla Games. Michiel is also a co owner and board member of ForceIndia Formula One Team, co-owner of Flogs.com and member of the Advisory Board of The Communication Company.

Maarten Elshove

After earning his degree in Law at Leiden University, Maarten Elshove started his career in finance. Having worked at various large corporations, such as ABN Amro and KPMG, he developed his entrepreneurial skills and became the director and owner of MaxCredible, which grew out to be a leading firm in customer credit management software. Currently, Maarten Elshove is the co-owner of MM Ventures.