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We are Alice Travel, your journey is our priority. Based in Frankfurt am Main, we offer airport concierge services at more than 950 airports worldwide, ensuring a premium experience complete with VIP, Meet & Greet, fast track, lounge access, and chauffeured transfers.

Alice Travel was founded in response to a challenging airport experience that inspired our founder, Mr. Tiker, to revolutionize the global traveler's journey. Tired of long queues, he envisioned a better way for travelers around the world.

Our adaptability sets us apart, allowing us to provide services even in non-listed airports. With our swift 24/7, multilingual customer support, we ensure your travel experience is consistently exceptional.

Our top destinations

Premium Airport Services Tailored Just for You
Vibrant hub of German commerce and culture.
Bavarian charm meets modern innovation.
Iconic gateway to the UK and beyond.
Epitome of French elegance and efficiency.
Dynamic blend of history and contemporary flair.
Global hub of luxury and innovation.
Where East meets West in a bustling metropolis.
Sunny gateway to vibrant American culture.
Classical elegance in the heart of Europe.
Cradle of Western civilization, steeped in history.

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